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Name Program Membership Status Research Keywords
Jian-Jian Li Full breast cancer, cancer stem cells, carcinogenesis, glioblastoma, lung cancer, metastasis, mitochondrial metabolism, radiation, tumor biology, tumor radioresistance
Tianhong Li Full
Yuanpei Li Full biomaterials, drug delivery, drug development, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), molecular imaging, nanomedicine, theranostics
Felice Lightstone Associate
Su-Ju Lin Associate
Tzu-Yin Lin Associate
Jie Liu Associate
Liu, Chengfei Associate prostate cancer, cancer therapeutics , drug discovery, drug resistance, pharmacology , clinical trials, intracrine androgen, post translational modification, Signaling transduction
Ruiwu Liu Full antibody-drug conjugate, chemical synthesis, combinatorial library, drug discovery, integrin ligand, molecular imaging, one-bead one-compound library synthesis and screening, peptide-drug conjugate, small molecular inhibitor
Yin Allison Liu Associate
Kent Lloyd Full CRISPR/Cas, cryopreservation, gene targeting, genetics, genotyping, mouse models, PDX, PetDX, veterinary, xenograft
Su Hao Lo Full
Gabriela Loots Full
Angelique Louie Full activatable contrast agents, gadolinium agents, iron oxide, macrophage subtype, macrophage targeting, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), manganese agents, molecular imaging, molecular switch, nanoparticles, scavenger receptor, tumor-associated macrophages
Gerardo Mackenzie Full animal models, pancreatic cancer, cancer prevention, colon cancer, dietary interventions, nutrition and cancer, pancreatic cancer, phospholipase D1, preclinical evaluation of bioactives, preclinical evaluation of novels agents
Marcio Malogolowkin Full
Manja, Veena Associate
Laura Marcu Full
Matsukuma, Karen Associate
Emanual Maverakis Full
Richard McKenney Full
John McPherson Full bioinformatics, chemotherapy side effects, genomics, organoids, pancreas, patient-derived models, technology development
Joy Melnikow Associate
Frederick Meyers Full biology of metastases, palliavate care, population health, precision medicine, quality of care