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Name Program Membership Status Research Keywords
Regina Gandour-Edwards Full biorepository, immunohistochemistry, prostate cancer, urinary bladder cancer
Allen Gao Full
Damian Genetos Full
Steven George Full microenvironment, microfluidics, organ-on-a-chip, metastasis, immuno-oncology, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, migration, angiogenesis, hypoxia
Sepideh Gholami Associate
Paramita Ghosh Full Akt, androgen receptor, bladder cancer, cell cytoskeleton, drug development, epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), ligand binding, mRNA translation, MTOR, PI3K, prostate cancer, protein synthesis, receptor tyrosine kinase, signal transduction
Ellen Gold Full
Goldman, Roger Associate
Graff, John Associate
Bruce Hammock Full
Katherine Hansen Associate
Harsh, Griffith Associate
Sven Hausner Associate
Marie Heffern Full
Hell, Johannes Associate
Stephen Henry Associate opioid analgesics, chronic pain, patient-clinician communication, epidemiology
Irva Hertz-Picciotto Full epidemiology, environmental, occupational, disparities, gene-environment interactions
Wolf-Dietrich Heyer Full alternative lengthening of telomeres, checkpoint signaling, DNA damage response, DNA double-strand breaks, DNA repair, genome rearrangements, genome stability, interstrand crosslinking agents, recombination, synthetic lethality
Henry Ho Full
Jeffrey Hoch Associate cost utility analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, costs, economic evaluation, health economics, health services research, net benefit regression
Russell Hovey Associate
Hu, Ying Associate hepatocellular carcinoma, cancer therapy , nuclear receptor, microRNA, cell proliferation, apoptosis
Neil Hunter Full aneuploidy, bloom syndrome, BRCA2, chromosomes, DNA repair, Fanconi syndrome, genome instability, homologous recombination, RAD51, testis cancer antigen
Hussain, Shehnaz Full