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Name Program Membership Status Research Keywords
David Cooke Associate
Gino Cortopassi Associate
Rosemary Cress Associate cancer disparities, cancer epidemiology, cancer incidence, cancer mortality, cancer registry, cancer survival
William Culp Associate ablation, embolization, interventional oncology, interventional radiology, percutaneous therapies, prostate cancer, sarcoma, surgical oncology, transvascular therapies, urothelial cancer
Marc Dall'Era Full active surveillance, biomarker, biorepository, bladder cancer, DNA repair, genomics, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), metabolomics, prostate cancer
Megan Daly Full clinical trials, imaging, immunotherapy, lung cancer, radiation oncology, radiation pneumonitis, SBRT
Satya Dandekar Associate cytomegalovirus (CMV), epigenetics, gene expression, gut microbiota, histone modifications, HIV, inflammation, immune activation, metabolomics, mucosal immunology, oncogenic viruses
Julie Dang Associate
Sheila David Full
Ralph de Vere White Full
Denison, Michael Full
Elva Diaz Associate brain development, cerebellum, hippocampus, synapse formation, synaptic plasticity
Peter Dickinson Associate
Dove, Melanie Associate
Bruce Draper Full
Joanne Engebrecht Full BRCA1, C. elegans, chromosome segregation, meiosis, recombination, repair, sex chromosomes
Christopher Evans Full bladder cancer, castration resistance, co-targeting, oncogenic regulation, prostate cancer, signal transduction, therapeutic resistance, urologic oncology
D.Gregory Farwell Full autofluorescence, fluorescence, function, in vivo diagnostics, minimally invasive, reconstruction, rehabilitation, robot, skin cancer, transplant
Fejerman, Laura Full
Joshua Fenton Associate
Farzad Fereidouni Associate
Oliver Fiehn Full bioinformatics, diagnostics, genomics, lipids, mass spectrometry, metabolic reprogramming, metabolism, metabolomics, methylations, precision medicine
Andrew Fisher Associate base editing, crystallography, protein structure, RNA editing, sulfur metabolism, x-ray
Christopher Fraser Full
David Gandara Full