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Name Program Membership Status Research Keywords
Abedi Mehrad Full
Omran Abu Aboud Associate
Jawdat Al-Bassam Associate
John Albeck Full
Elysia Alvarez Associate
Amir, Sumaira Associate
Anderson, Johnathon Associate
James Angelastro Full apoptosis, canine, cell penetrating peptide, clinical trials, glioblastoma, mitochondria, mouse models, pathology, therapeutics, transcription factors
David Asmuth Full
Sharon Aviran Associate
Ramsey Badawi Full molecular imaging, positron emission tomography (PET), quantitative imaging, radiology
Danika Bannasch Associate
Gustavo Barisone Associate bispecific antibodies, CD22, exosomes, immunotherapy, natural products, NK cell, oncolytic virus, recombinant antibodies, targeted therapy, telomerase
Jacquelyn Barlow Associate
Gerhard Bauer Full gene therapy, good manufacturing practices (GMP), stem cell therapy
Nicole Baumgarth Associate animal models, B cell regulation, B cell subsets, B cells, B-1 cells, host-pathogen interaction, immunology
Peter Beal Full adenosine deaminases acting on RNA (ADAR), miRNA, oligonucleotide therapeutics, RNA modification, siRNA
Laurel Beckett Full biostatistics, clinical trials, longitudinal studies, population-based research
Benedict, Stanley Associate
Lars Berglund Full
Donald Bers Associate
Charles Bevins Full defensin, dysbiosis, intestine, Paneth cells
Orin Bloch Full
James Boggan Associate
Richard Bold Full